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Cannabis Retreat


Cannabis Retreat

Contact us at fbmmjpa@gmail.com 

or call 267-912-1378

Join us on Valentine's weekend for a Cannabis Retreat! Cooking with Cannabis plus Caregiver Education! Featuring a premier chef!

  • Learn how to infuse butter, oil, gravy, syrup, honey and sauces from Flower & RSO
  • Learn how to Pair strains and terpene profiles with foods for different medical conditions
  • How to cook healthy meals
  • Dosing your edibles at appropriate strengths and the ratios of CBD/THC
  • Making munchies, Baking & Candies
  • Relaxing Cannabis Infused Oil Massages

Caregiver Education 

  • Learn the history of cannabis, and the science of the Endocannabinoid system
  • Learn about the different strains and terpene profiles
  • Learn about the different products available in the state and the ways in which it is consumed
  • Dosing, go low and start slow
  • Learn about different dry herb and oil vaporizers to consume your medicine
  • Learn about the state laws and how to get a caregiver card
  • Learn how to run your own cannabis caregiving services
  • Learn how cannabis can help balance your mind and body, along with meditation and cannabis infused oil massages

All guests must have a PA medical marijuana patient or caregiver card to make a reservation 


CannabinoidsThere are 113 different cannabinoids to date that have been discovered in the cannabis plant. The types of cannabinoids will determine the effects that you will feel. Some are psychoactive, and others are not. So depending on what you’re looking to accomplish, you may want to focus on certain cannabinoids.As stated previously, cannabinoids are stored [...]

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Oil Cartridges

Oil CartridgesThe most common forms of concentrate oil are CO2, distillate, and live rosin. CO2 involves a process which uses carbon dioxide to extract cannabinoids and terpenes into an oil, which typically gets vaped. This method is said to have a better taste than oils extracted with butane; however, research has shown that CO2 oil [...]

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Types of Concentrates

ConcentratesConcentrates are any products with high levels of cannabinoids that are created through an extraction process. Flower normally contains anywhere from 10-25% THC. Concentrates usually contain 60-80%, with some as potent as 90% or more.While concentrates are usually used by cannabis enthusiasts for their high levels of THC, some are created for their high levels [...]

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Cannabis Strains

Cannabis StrainsSativas, indicas, and hybrids are the three classifications that are commonly used to determine which of these three groups a specific strain belongs to. Sativas are known for their uplifting cerebral effects, and people may use this during the day for that purpose. A few common ailments that sativas are used for are: depression, [...]

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Cannabis Terpenes

Cannabis TerpenesThere are many different cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, the two most popular being THC and CBD. Terpenes are responsible for the smell and flavor of the strain. There are about 200 different terpenes that can be found in cannabis plants.Terpenes are created in the trichomes (the little “hairs” and “crystals” that you see [...]

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Enveed Full Spectrum CBD

What is CBD? Cannabinoids (CBD) are compounds that interact with a receptor network in cellular tissues to promote health in the body. The human body internally generates its own cannabinoids known as "endocannabinoids" (endo=internal. Greek.) Together, endocannabinoids and their receptor network are known as the "endocannabinoid system." It regulates many essential bodily systems such as immune function, [...]

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Katie Doyle - Enveed Product Review

The products I received were a set of three tinctures and a sample of the topical treatment.I really liked ALL of these products. I think my favorites were the topical and the clarity tincture, though. The topical worked really well, I was using it for some pain in my lower back this week while I [...]

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Kim Wilson - Enveed Product Review

Kim Wilson – Enveed CBD Products ReviewEnveed Clarity, Relief, and Relax tinctures – provide mild sustained relief for brain fog, anxiety, and pain without getting high.Clarity – assists with focus and brain fog, helps with extra energy. I use with studying, planning, organizing, making calls, errands. Just a drop or two under the tongue and [...]

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Dry Herb Vaporizers and Temperatures for Cannabis

There are many different kinds of vaporizers, but today we will be talking about Dry Herb Vaporizers. These are used for the flower or buds of the marijuana plant, and normally have a ceramic base in it which heats up the flower to create a vapor which is inhaled. This is a much healthier way [...]

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  • Cannabis Retreat

    Cannabis RetreatContact us at fbmmjpa@gmail.com or call …

  • Cannabinoids

    CannabinoidsThere are 113 different cannabinoids to date that have been …

  • Oil Cartridges

    Oil CartridgesThe most common forms of concentrate oil are CO2, distillate, and …


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