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Dry Herb Vaporizers and Temperatures for Cannabis


There are many different kinds of vaporizers, but today we will be talking about Dry Herb Vaporizers. These are used for the flower or buds of the marijuana plant, and normally have a ceramic base in it which heats up the flower to create a vapor which is inhaled. This is a much healthier way of ingesting your marijuana, because there is no combustion which can create extra and harmful chemicals. Since vaporizing only heats to a certain degree, there is no combustion and you get a cleaner hit. Nowadays there are many different forms of marijuana, such as oils and waxes that can be vaporized. You may need a different device to vaporize these forms because the oils and waxes may need more heat or cannot be contained in a regular dry herb vaporizer without creating a mess. There are vapes made specifically for THC Oil, which are usually small cartridges. 

There are certain Dry Herb Vaporizers that do both waxes and flower, however most devices like this don't specialize in one or the other, so you may not get the best results. Finding a device that specializes directly in either dry herb or wax concentrates is your best bet. There are many different dry herb or wax concentrate vaporizers, be careful though because there are vaporizers that may combust your product, these are not 'true' vaporizers. When searching for vaporizers make sure they are true vaporizers. Most units with a ceramic base are the best because the ceramic heats up nice and evenly, creating a nice vapor and good flavor. Most dry herb vaporizers will have a variable heat level, which allows you to choose between 300-450 degrees most of the time. This is something that you will figure out for yourself, seeing which level is the best on your throat and gives you good vapor production, also depending on how dry the flower is you may need less heat or more if it is too moist. There are also many different types of dry herb vaporizers, such as stand alone units which need to be plugged into an outlet, or more mobile units you can put in your pocket and carry around. Depending on what you're trying to accomplish some devices may be better suited for you than others.

People who are using MMJ for medical reasons and want an easy device to vaporize their flower may be better off with a unit that sits in the house, such as a unit called the Volcano, which uses heat and a fan to fill a bag with vapor. People who are mobile and on the move a lot may want a more mobile vaporizer, something that they can just fill and use with ease. The first thing you need to ask yourself before buying a dry herb vaporizer is what are you trying to accomplish? Do you need something so you can dose at home in the morning and night? or do you need something that you can take with you so you can dose on the go when you need to? All of these questions will help you figure out what device to get, so don't get overwhelmed. There are many, many different companies creating dry herb vaporizers and big named ones that cost a lot of money, but in the end they all do the same thing, some better than others. Make sure to look at reviews and make sure that the vaporizer you buy isn't defective or has a problem. Just because a vaporizer costs a lot of money doesn't mean you can't find something cheaper as an alternative that works just as good. Now that the vape industry and MMJ industry are starting to grow together, you will see even more new devices coming out, just remember that $60 device may be just as a big brand named $350 device. 

The range of temperature at which all Cannabinoids vaporize is between 220 and 428. Each Cannabinoid has a different boiling point, so vaporizing a bowl at different temperatures can have different effects. Vaporizing only brings the flower to a 'boiling' point and causes it to evaporate releasing a vapor you can inhale, which is a healthier way to consume your Cannabis. When reaching the temperature that causes combustion and causes the flower to ignite it can release harmful chemicals, and in studies done they have shown that joint smoke only holds about 10% cannabinoids while the clouds that come from vaporizer can contain up to 95% cannabinoids! 

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