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Pharma Attacks Leo DiCaprio. No One Notices. WHY?


Pharma Attacks Leo DiCaprio. No One Notices. WHY?

February 2, 2016

by Gary TruthKings



Leonardo DiCaprio is best known for being one of Hollywood’s biggest actors. Having had lead roles in The Titanic, The Basketball Diaries and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Leo, as the press often refers to him, is one of the big screen’s most influential people. And now the American Lung Association has taken him to task. Why? Because he was seen smoking a vape at the SAG Awards. Now, let’s postpone what is going to eventually turn into my rant against the scammy American Lung Association and focus on the core details of the story, first.

Via TMZ.

Leo DiCaprio may have won a SAG award, but he’s lost respect from the American Lung Association for his e-cigarette display at the ceremony.

The actor was sitting at a table Saturday during the awards presentation, smoking a vape pen.


This isn’t the American Lung Associations first rodeo when it comes to attacking the vape culture. Here’s a statement they released prior to calling out Leo.

The American Lung Association is very concerned about the potential health consequences of electronic cigarettes, as well as the unproven claims that they can be used to help smokers quit.

Big Tobacco has pretty obvious motivations to put a damper on vaping for the notable reason that it seems to pull people away from smoking. But the American Lung Association? Haven’t they long supported ways to quit smoking?

This article posted on Gizmodo has a lot of great facts about vaping.

As our industry continues to grow, even mainstream publications are being forced to concede that there is some evidence that electronic cigarettes might be effectivein helping smokers to quit. We have known this for some time. Once again, I’ll let the evidence speak for itself:

“Most participants (72 percent) were former smokers, and 76 percent were using e-cigarettes daily. At baseline, current users had been using e-cigarettes for three months, took 150 puffs per day on their e-cigarette and used refill liquids containing 16 mg/ml of nicotine, on average. Almost all the daily vapers at baseline were still vaping daily after one month (98 percent) and one year (89 percent). Of those who had been vaping daily for less than one month at baseline, 93 percent were still vaping daily after one month, and 81 percent after one year. In daily vapers, the number of puffs per day on e-cigarettes remained unchanged between baseline and one year. Among former smokers who were vaping daily at baseline, 6 percent had relapsed to smoking after one month and also 6 percent after one year.”

There are many more recent studies which show vaping as a much safer solution to smoking. But the ALA is incentivized to NOT promote such a concept because, well, those who fund them wouldn’t be happy.

We spoke to the owners of V8por.com and they told us that the pharmaceutical industry paints a grisly picture of vaping that just doesn’t exist, particularly when it comes to nicotine vapes.

“Our core function is now vaping for herbs and oils, but we’ve also sold a lot of units which were nicotine based. We have heard a lot of success stories, people having improved lung functions verified by their doctors and people all out quitting tobacco cigarets. But misinformation disseminated by pharmaceutical and tobacco companies creates a lot of misinformation and is typically just a scare tactic. These places simply don’t provide accurate information and try to put companies like ours out of business”

Let’s meet the good folks who help the American Lung Association thrive so that it can use it’s time criticizing movie stars.


Yep, that’s the family who “sponsors” the American Lung Association (source).

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals….I mean, would it be safe to say that the American Lung Association is really just an arm of big pharmaceutical companies? I am not sure what more in prerequisites I’d need to validate that argument

GlaxoSmithKline manufactures the smoking cessation aids Nicorette and Nicoderm.

Novartis makes Habitrol and Nicotinell.

Then there is my favorite donor, Pfizer, who makes Chantix. I can’t think of a worse medicine to take than Chantix. Chantix has been linked to almost 500 suicides.

To be honest, their attack on DiCaprio really angers me. Because they disguise the attack as being information to help people be healthier, when in reality their attack on vaping is really just pharmaceutical cronyism and bribery. They offer no real information that vaping is bad outside of “it hasn’t been around long enough.” But people do use it to quit smoking, people show improved lung function from vaping. This isn’t me saying vaping is healthy, this is me saying that the American Lung Associations attack on DiCaprio and vaping is in essence, tainted and motivated by bribes.

It utterly disgust me that more people can’t see through this transparent and obvious scam. Some people get mad when they hear someone say “big pharma,” as if to say that anyone who thinks there is an issue is a “conspiracy theorist.” But what did I write above that can’t be proven? How is that not a glaring truth? People seriously need to wake up and smell the financed propaganda machine because it is in fast motion.

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